top 6 vegan eateries in ldn

[+ ordering hacks!]

Serena Lee, founder of Vegans of LDN tells us her favourite spots for the most delicious vegan food in London (plus the best way to order!)

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Get Juiced

Tooting Market, (100% vegan): This food gives so much life! All plant-based, big thick smoothies with root vegetables and everything nutrient-rich. Whole foods treats, even a whole foods pic 'n' mix.


Whitechapel, (omni eatery): These guys recently started doing vegan cheese and their pizzas are SO GOOD. They have one topped with potatoes. It's such a great place for groups of friends to visit where some people refuse to go to a vegan restaurant. They'll change things up: so at a pizza place, you need to ask if there's dairy in the base. Then ask them to take off the animal toppings and REPLACE them with more of the other toppings. Don't let them just take off the salami. You're paying the price of salami, so you ask for extra mushrooms. Those are the vegan rules.




Brick Lane, (100% vegan): These ladies put their heart and soul into their street food. £6 a box and so much colour.




Various locations across London, (omni eatery): It's all about the guac. Tell them you're having no meat so you want extra beans, both types. Load on the guacamole, peppers, sweetcorn. No cheese or sour cream. Feel free to grab a bag of tortillas for dipping - you're not eating the cheese after all.




Vantra Vitao

Oxford Street, (100% vegan): Lots of raw options, totally gluten-free, soy free, refined-sugar-free, safe for almost everyone. I do the lunchbox where you stuff it all in, as pay-by-weight is NOT my friend. Mushroom stroganoff type dish is my fave.

The Canvas Cafe

Hanbury St.reet, (omni eatery): They serve freakshakes but not the can't-move-after-eating kind: they're actually raw, gluten-free and refined-sugar-free as well as being vegan, with raw cakes on the top! They usually have three flavours on the go and also often have pop-ups. They had a completely vegan pop-up event recently from Kali Cooking and I'm keeping an eye out for their next vegan instalment.