Queen's Bath was the first spot we explored.

We arrived on the island at night, darkness shadowing all of the natural beauty, leaving us guessing what we'd wake up to the next day. At 10:30pm after 3 flights, 1 taxi and 2 car journeys, pillows called our names and sleep felt like the biggest adventure in the world. 6am, the sound of crickets, birds, and a garbage truck. Palms covered our windows in place of curtains. "Fancy a walk?" I rarely turn down those words.

Even awe feels too familiar to describe what we saw when we left our beautiful Balinese style home that morning. Clueless to our destination and at a point of decision we turn left, then left again, then around, then right. We hear the ocean. "This way." 

Waded through jungle, sun just coming up and making the whole event mysterious. Slid down a rope, barefoot, then hit rock. Dipped in the pool, not knowing this would be the first and last time the weather conditions would be safe enough to swim when we visited this spot all month. A chance to have the place to ourselves for a short while. 

We returned back a couple more occasions. It felt different having the place to ourselves this time, the feeling of calm crashed away by the Pacific and replaced with caution. The surf was some of the highest we saw on the island this day (25 foot, in this spot even higher,) the place where we were about to shoot suddenly submerged underwater (the lower ledge pictured.) The following images were captured just after a particularly close call, involving clinging to trees and a lot of "OKAY IT'S TIME TO GO" moments, but somehow we found time to stop, dance on the rocks and giggle together about what we'd just experienced. 

- Lois