"If we go through life always pursuing our passions, we won't have anything to regret by the end."




"I decided to become a yoga teacher when I was backpacking through Thailand in 2014 in the middle of Pai, which is in the northern part of the country. I had started getting more into practicing and seeing the benefits of yoga first-hand, which definitely helped spark my interest in teaching. I almost became a nurse in college and before I finished became much more interested in preventative medicine and promoting a healthy lifestyle through other means. Practicing yoga regularly has completely erased consistent back pain, I feel lighter, stronger, more relaxed, and way more confident in my own skin.

Growing up, my interest for traveling sparked when my parents would take the whole family on long road trips, either to visit family or just to explore other states and the national parks out west. After I graduated high school, and through college, I went to Uganda with Invisible Children, Tanzania with my brother and dad to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Haiti twice for mission trips. After graduating, I didn't know what I wanted to do except travel so I moved to Australia for a year and traveled through some of Europe, southeast Asia, and then to Bali for yoga training before heading back to the U.S. I moved back to Nashville just over a year ago now and I can't wait to see where my next adventure takes me."


"I love how everyone's experience is different and that they practice yoga for different reasons. I have some friends who do it for health reasons, who couldn't even move a year ago but yoga has made that possible. Some students in my classes come to treat PTSD, help with their running, cycling, or because they've had some traumatic family experiences such as someone dying, and so many more. Yoga is something I will never stop learning more about and I love having a humble and child-like mindset, one of genuine passion and curiosity. 

I mainly use Instagram to promote classes and events, as it seems to be a very effective way to draw people into yoga and see your practice, your intentions, and what yoga means to you. I think it's pretty apparent the difference between Instagram accounts that are there to promote more risqué pictures of themselves in yoga poses, more ego-driven, and the ones that genuinely have a passion to share what yoga truly is. You can feel it when you scan through their photos. I also know some of my friends will look at my photos that I post and try them out themselves, just for fun. And I love that. I love that people are willing to try something I'm promoting and educating people about."


"I originally went to college for nursing, went through 3 1/2 years of it, then switched majors to Social Entrepreneurship. So through all of the switching, I always maintained an interest in health and fitness, and helping people, always in some sort of serving atmosphere. I also worked in hospitality throughout college and learned a lot about customer service and engagement. 

At the moment, I'm teaching part-time and then subbing any chance I'm able to. At first, I didn't want to teach full-time. I didn't want to teach any bad classes (not that I knew what that would even mean right away), but I essentially wanted to have enough time to invest in each class to feel comfortable and confident when I walked in there. I was so new to it that I know I lost some people at first, gained more people later on, and now I have a steady following. I know this is in part because it's at a gym and the demographic is much larger than what a yoga studio has. I have the opportunity to find a following before moving on to a new place, or adding another spot."

"I think positive mindsets help create more directions you can go, it helps with handling stress, and it encourages other people overall. When people see you living with a positive mindset, it becomes contagious. People crave to have the same. I think it's priceless. 

I think people think too realistically. And yes, being realistic is good and important, but dream big! Anything is possible, you just need to find the resources and connections and it'll happen. I think it's important to remember that you will fail too. A lot of times when we take chances, our stakes are greater, and that makes it scarier. But everyone fails once in awhile, and when that happens I hope you have a community that keeps you going, encourages you when you need it most. If we go through life always pursuing our passions, we won't have anything to regret by the end, and really, what do we have to lose?"

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Jenny teaches group classes at the Green Hill YMCA, Nashville on Thursdays 5:45pm and Sundays at 2pm and 4:30pm.

For private lessons, contact her on 615.638.6787 and leave your name and number. 

Find her on Instagram