Wake up at 6am. Not because we tried but most days it just happened, excited minds restless to get going. Mornings on deserted beaches taking photos of each other and playing like puppies. Planning and scheming our next move, deciding what the future holds as if we we're in control and life isn't going to take us on another unexpected journey anyway, as it always has. Learning to ride the wave and just let it happen. I think when you find a person, that one you experience this existence with more intensely, more closely, the one where you don't need the words, the energy is there, it all starts happening. We always said it was never supposed to be, such an unlikely match, but every day proves a different story. Small pushes from the universe as if to say 'Yes, guys, you got it right.' It is all perfect, where ever you are. This island, this city, this home in the British countryside, that's where you're supposed to be right now.

Every day I wake up excited about life, whether cleaning tables and working until midnight or surfing on an island in the middle of the Pacific, I know it is all an intricate design and to go with it. And not knowing what's around the corner is part of the fun. 

- Lois