Polished Phantom Smoky Lemurian Quartz

Polished Phantom Smoky Lemurian Quartz


Polished Phantom Smoky Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz is believed to be sent to Earth by the High Priestesses of Lemuria, the lost and sacred land which existed millions of years ago, and Lemurian is believed to hold the spiritual knowledge of the Lemurians. It has a distinct female energy, is an amplifier that will raise your vibration, improves inner vision, gives clarity, gives physical healing, raises vitality and energy, clears blockages, corrects imbalances, gives multi-level healing in your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Smoky Quartz is highly grounding, has a strong link to the earth, dissolves stress, neutralises negative energy, teaches you how to let go of what doesn’t serve you, it relieves fear and depression, brings emotional balance, aids in manifesting your dreams and gives clear insight.

Phantom Quartz symbolises universal awareness, encourages healing for the planet, activates healing abilities within individuals, enhances meditation and facilitates accessing the Akashic Records and drawing upon the ancient wisdom that lays there.

This specimen contains a phantom within where the mineral has halted growth, another mineral has grown on the top and then the original Quartz has continued to grow, so you can see its growth journey!

This specimen is from Brazil

Weight: 0.62lbs

Height (tallest point): 7.5cm

Width (widest point): 6.8cm

Depth (deepest point): 5.1cm

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