Baryte on Cerussite

Baryte on Cerussite


Baryte on Cerussite

Baryte aids dream recall and enhances inner journeying, strengthens inner vision, enhances dream recall, enhances relationships of all kinds, assists is helping you feel like your own person and inspires loyalty to others.

Cerussite is grounding, helps the soul to feel at home where ever it finds itself, assists in letting go of the past and its effects, beneficial for travel, in adjusting to new places, in letting go of inner resistance, teaches flexibility and responsibility, relieves tension, instills the ability to be tactful, promotes extroversion rather than withdrawal, enhances communication and attentive listening, balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain and boosts creativity, it’s an amazing stone for anyone in the arts!

This specimen is from the Mibladen mining district, Morocco

Weight: 0.24lbs

Height (tallest point): 4.5cm

Width (widest point): 6.4cm

Depth (deepest point): 6.6cm

Shipped within 7 days of order, by First Class Royal Mail delivery.

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