Waxed Cord Fluorite Necklace

Waxed Cord Fluorite Necklace


Fluorite healing stone strung on hand woven waxed cotton cord. Adjustable back fastening so can be worn long or short. All fastening glue is vegan and eco-friendly. The twine softens and becomes lovely and pliable after a couple of wears. All pieces are unisex!

Fluorite is a highly protective stone, and guards against negative outside influences. It's powerful against electromagnetic stress, draws off negative energies and stress, it cleanses, purifies, dispels and puts the body back into perfect order. It is the best crystal to use to overcome all forms of disorganisation. Fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies, heightens intuitive powers and aids spiritual awakening. It brings stability to groups and aligns people to a common purpose. It is associated with progress and overcomes chaos, dissolves fixed patterns and behaviours that are no longer serving you and gently brings feelings from the subconscious to the surface for healing. It increases self-confidence, reveals truth, is amazing when learning new information to organise and process it, promotes quick thinking, stabilises emotions, teaches the importance of balance in relationships. Physically is aids teeth, cells, bones and repairs DNA damage. It is powerful against viruses, heals ulcers and wounds, amazing for joints, sinus issues, heals the spine and nerve-related pain.


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I love creating custom pieces for you or someone special and have a wide collection of crystals! You can choose or I can intuitively select a piece. Drop me an email at hello@lonewolvescreative.com and lets get designing!


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