Hippo Sweat


I don't wear sunscreen, which is a subject of controversy when I mention it in passing to people. At most I'll apply some raw, unrefined, organic coconut oil, or wear a hat and linen shirt when the sun is at it's peak. That's my skin type, Sam on the other hand is at the mercy of the burning rays. Which led us to seeking out a vegan, reef-safe and ethical sunscreen for him. 

This was a process of trial and error, including a phase in which Sam was nicknamed 'River Boy' due to a strange smelling sunscreen! We wanted something that used zero beeswax, which tends to be in a lot of the 'natural' products. Then we found Hippo Sweat!

They very kindly sent us a package of their lotions, face pastes and aloe aftersun blend. Their products are all 100% vegan, reef-friendly, and ethically produced, using tins instead of plastic which was a big bonus for us. Their formulas are thick and pasty, meaning they stay on during a long surf session and give great coverage. The aloe aftersun is the yummiest lotion and for the first time I had zero skin peeling after using it. All of their products smell delicious, and I actually became a sunscreen convert for hotter beach days and longer hikes. Sam is also looking forward to using it on upcoming snowboarding trips in the Italian mountains!

Big love and thanks to Hippo Sweat for keeping us safe and doing awesome things for the planet!