Lone Wolves is run by Lois Gaskin-Barber and Sam Ryder. We're artists, musicians and travellers. In September 2015 we decided to take steps to live closer to our truths. That truth is to celebrate our creative expression and manifest abundance through gratitude and anti-contest art. We're regularly on the move, painting, playing music and surfing along the way. We love to work with ethical and sustainable brands that inspire creativity, to get involved in raising awareness on environmental issues, and to spread love and compassion wherever we go.

Lone Wolves Creative houses art, clothing, music, photography and videography, all lovingly created by us. We stock cruelty free and organic tees, along with hand painted and embroidered items, art originals and prints. We are inspired by non-competition artistry, music, travel, nature, compassion, kindness, craftsmanship, the outdoors, puppies, books, home cooking, handmade treasures, surf, the mountains and the ocean, all while spreading positivity one step at a time. 

Be nice to each other, the planet and all beings. Love generously, promote a kind heart, adventure, explore, enquire and enjoy the journey.  

Live intuitively and choose love,

Lois and Sam x